Naked Pricing


The modern fashion world is fuelled by a fast fashion, low cost and high revenue model, however we believe that if the consumer is spending their hard earned pennies, they deserved complete pricing transparency. That customer should also not have to pay the increased markups for making an ethical choice of purchasing sustainably produced garments. We also believe that the customer deserves to know a products full costing.

This has spurred us to go Naked… flaws and all!

All garments will now come with a full breakdown of all costs associated with our manufacturing, from closures and fabric, all the way to production and packaging costs – it is all for the Naked eye to see. Although we feel venerable, our ideology is to embrace your true identity rather than shy away from it, and our creations are no different.

Our pricing structure is unique as it removes the standard wholesale retailer markup, allowing the brand to give the consumer the best price possible. We have worked hard to ensure the markup is significantly lower than the average brand of 100-400%.

“The aim is to create a reasonable markup that is low but sill allows for ethical human rights to be honored continuously throughout the supply chain without any sacrifice for the final product” - Eleanor Rose

Our markup not only allows us to cover the general administrative fees and expenses, but also allows us to reinvest in future collections and grow our little hemp baby! By purchasing an Elenora garment you are supporting our voice; a voice for change in the fashion industry.

We welcome you to embrace our change and support honesty pricing.