Elenora brings to life the female spirit, a spirit of individuality, adventure and freedom. Blending a classic feminine style to design with a conscious approach that respects and protects our planet.

Our designs respect the countless hands involved in bringing our garments to life. We aim to create change in the current slow fashion movement. By providing a new reality that empowers women to embrace confidence and individuality through a non-disposable eco textile lifestyle.

Sustainable products and socially responsible supply chains are increasingly the expectation of consumers across the globe. We insist on principles of transparency and sustainability because it makes sense. Committing to the protection of our planet goes to the heart of Elenora's philosophy.

We are proud to say that we not only manufacture all of our garments using 100% earth friendly organic hemp but also support the 'Who Made My Clothes' campaign and various other charitable partners. We use recycled packaging and labelling where possible, and utilise ComPOST Packs to deliver your goodies.

Elenora's philosophy is not just words; it's our way of life.