Conscious Approach


At Elenora, we aim to create change in the sustainable fashion industry!
By providing consciously minded woman with an opportunity to embrace their individuality through a non-disposable eco textile wardrobe.

From Concept to Creation we go Naked
For us, it’s about the whole journey. From concept to creation, we insist on principles of sustainability and transparency. Taking great care to respect the countless hands involved in bringing our collection to life and ensuring that you as the customer are aware of our full supply chain. Flaws and all, naked we go..

Each garment is made in our boutique ethical factory on the outskirts of the free-spirited, artistic town of Ubud. Here, traditional handmade processes are delicately and respectfully applied to each piece.  Elenora craftspeople are paid an above local living wage, work in above-average conditions and are respected members of the community. They are often third or fourth generation masters of their trade, who have spent years mastering their skills. Click on our Meet our Makers and Our Factory pages to learn more.

We only use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified fabrics, and every garment we produce features our favourite eco-friendly fibre, Hemp. To learn more about this amazing textile, click our Hemp page.

To ensure your purchase makes an earth-friendly journey to your wardrobe, we’ve teamed up with our friends from The Better Packaging Co. All garments are delivered in ComPOST compostable corn starch bags that can be reused or fed to mother nature. (Amazing, right?). Even better we use Australia’s first Carbon Neutral delivery service Sendle to deliver your goods. Leaving minimal impact on the place we call home.

Learn more about our full supply chain by clicking here.