Meet Our Makers

We are proud to call the faces behind our creations our family. The majority of these happy faces are second or third generation masters of their skill, who have spent years refining their expertise in pattern making, sewing and stitching. To say we are proud of these kind hearts is an understatement.

The majority of our team reside nearby in the local village of Batubulan, with a small percentage travelling from around 30km away. Elenora takes pride in maintaining a quality and ethical work place, which is evident immediately upon stepping inside their little factory. One of the key ideologies of Elenora is to create sustainable, quality garments without the cost of inhumane practices.

On our most recent trip to our home away from home, we asked a few of our makers to share their story.



The master behind our patterns, Ketut has been honing his skills for the past twenty years. He spends his days individually hand cutting patterns and bringing our drawings to life. Ketut can also spot a fine funky shirt from miles away. He is one stylish man!



Our sewing angels! These two have been sewing garments for a combined 20 years and their amazing talent can be seen in the stitching and finishing of our garments. We asked both women to tell us a bit about what they enjoy in their roles, what inspires them and what the environment means to them.

What do you love about your job?

“We love to support everyone in our team and to get things accomplished so we can be success and grove and learn”

What makes you happy?

“Collaborating with each other, to offer and accept, like a heart beating in and out. We offer ourselves to each other and accept the good and bad”

What does the Environment mean to you?

“The environment is god gifts to taking care of us. The sun, the water, the earth, the sky and the food; even the breath are all an extension of environment. Trees breathe and we have oxygen... it’s all connected. The environment is us! We are the environment. So if we are sick the environment is sick. If we are healthy, the environment is healthy! It’s very simple! Just like that”

Elenora is committed to telling the many stories in our supply chain, stay tuned for more precious stories and interviews.