Why on earth Hemp?


With the ever-present threat of global warming, toxic pollutants a daily obstacle and precious wildlife driven to extinction, an eco-conscious lifestyle has never been more important.  That is why we have made the pledge to produce all garments with OCS certified organic bast Hemp.


Fast fashion facts


Fast fashion is causing the slow death of our planet. The United Nations estimate the fashion industry is responsible for:


- at least 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions

- 20% of global waste water 

- 5% of all landfill


The majority of textiles are genetically modified, require toxic chemicals and are not biodegradable or compostable. Unlike earth-friendly Hemp! 


Hemp benefits


Hemp is an ancient wild plant that has been cultivated for millennia. Commonly traded across Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, it produces fast-yielding natural crops that require minimal labour, and no chemicals or fertilisers. 


Not only is hemp earth-friendly, it is far more durable than most commonly used textiles. Hemp is luxurious and guaranteed to soften with age. It is a natural antimicrobial that breathes easily, provides resistance to UV rays and contains strong absorption qualities, keeping you cool and comfortable.


Ethically sourced hemp


Our hemp is of the bast plant variety and is cultivated from farms in the mountains of Northern China, under safe and happy working conditions.


These fibres are certified to either Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Not only does this ensure the highest of international sustainability standards are being met, but also guarantees that your Elenora purchase is crafted from a luxurious, high-quality fabric.


 Hemp is a revolutionary textile that the planet will thank you for choosing.