We spent many months searching for the perfect place for our creations to be born. We looked far and wide for a small group of master crafts people that would sustainably turn our drawings into tangible garments. The aim was to find a factory that was not only full of happy talented faces, but also one that was transparent, ethical and focused on preserving mother Earth. Not only was the most minimal impact on the environment a non-negotiable, as was the humane conditions of our workers.

Although both China and India, have significantly improved their manufacturing ethical standards over the past few years, both are countries that remain two of the most unethical places in the world to manufacture and produce clothing. So we said no to the ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in India’ tag and elected to search further afield.

Having previously visited Bali many times, and fallen in love with its strong connection to planet earth and spiritual ways; this seemed like the ideal location to produce our little creations.

It’s important to the brand’s ideologies that the location of manufacturing be not only up to our standards but those of our customers too. We wanted a factory that paid the staff an above award wage (local), provided adequate breaks and working conditions, promoted freedom of religion and diversity as well as invested back into the community. The factory we committed to working with not only offers all of these key factors, it is also a place that is free from discrimination, safety and health hazards, slavery and the exploitation of children and women.

Indonesia’s garment manufacturing industry has seen large changes to its labour and factory conditions over the past year. Thanks to tighter government regulations and government-funded factories, the ‘ Made In Indonesia’ tag has now became fashionable in its ethical own right.

Our factory is located on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is situated between the spiritual mecca of Ubud and the art and craft village of Sukawati. It is place that we have grown to be very fond of and one that we visit regularly. Our home away from home!

It is a small factory that is owned and managed by women,giving us an all female dream team! Ana and Dayu are in charge of a small team of talented individuals who cut, sew and finish our pieces, using traditional delicate handmade processes. Allowing our garments to be free from nasties and made with full respect for all living beings.

Our factory meets global labour standards; meaning our creators are paid an above local living wage and provided with a safe working environment comparable to more developed nations.

On our most recent visit to Bali, we documented our little team and the factory where our drawings are brought to life..