Our Story

Elenora is an independently owned ethical fashion label based in Melbourne Australia. Created from a frustation at a lack of being able to purchase commerically available sustainable summer pants, eco-prenerus Eleanor and Ed began the proccess of producing their own.

Eleanor took the creative and design lead, having studied fashion and worked locally in the industry. Inspired by the strong free spirited female soul Eleanor sketched out the first drawings with a simple pen on paper, whilst Ed began the far and wide search for supply chain partners that were ethically and sustainably sound.

Thus Elenora was born. The brand’s aim is to provide an on trend ethical and radically transparent, exclusively hemp based solution to the mass-market fast fashion world.

Elenora seeks to offer that perfect Aussie wardrobe, without adding to the nasties of the fashion industry.  Produced with hemp and hemp blends, each garment is not only incredibly comforting for your skin, but also your morals. From design proccess all the way through to the packaging and delivery the duo have ensured the best possible level of ethical practices.

“Todays consumer deserves to be given a fully transparent and sustainable high quality on trend option.”
- Eleanor Rose

As upcoming collections come to fruition the pair plan to bring to the forefront sustainable on trend Hemp pants that showcase the talents of artists from around that world who share similar ethics. Unique collections that will allow the consumer to feel a connection to the garment, through not only the story of the maker, but also the artist as they open their creative soul to the shopper.

Elenora breathes new life into the current sustainable fashion movement, by refining and desensitizing hemp, with that quintessential feminine free spirited aesthetic.